The Free Will of the Healing Heart

Choreography, Stage Design, Costume & Light: Kenedy Kallas

Collaboration and Dance: Manon Andral, Kiran Bonnema, Francesc Nello Deakin, Mei-Yun Lu, Daniel Myers, Marcos Novais, Yamil Ortiz, Alessio Pirrone,

Music: Samuel van der Veer

Dramaturgy: Johannes Schropp

I contact you through this medium as divine femininity. As an omnipotent beast, who represents free will and sexual energy as the power of life. Every being that you encounter is divine. Viewed from the distance of a perspective not bound to your dimension, time becomes timeless, spaces extend beyond the horizon to infinity, existence eternal. I speak to you from the consciousness of a cosmic being where space and time fold into each other, where we become aware of our deep, holistic connectedness to each other and to the matter around us, existing with and through the cosmos. I reveal myself to you within a ritual of these eight transcendental entities. I speak to you through eight bodies, through eight mouths, in the many languages you have developed, with which you identify, which you use to build walls in between one another. I speak to you of the possibility of a healing heart, of a heart that gives and receives at the same time, of a freely willing heart. An open heart that allows itself to be gazed upon with pleasure.