Melted Walls

Marcos Novais

Choreography, Stage Design, Costume: Marcos Novais

Dance: Marcos Novais, Alessio Pirrone

Light: Jorge Moro Argote, Marcos Novais

Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, Joshua Bell

Dramaturgy: Johannes Schropp

Speed, Love, Insecurity, Posession, Fear, Respect, Danger, Connection. Artist Meredith Monk spoke on art as something where we should feel free to do whatever we want. Not something that seperates us, that imposes on those who make it, not something that builds up walls between us. To melt down those walls is an attempt of Melted Walls. The continuously dropping water from 250 meters of interwoven hoses hold together all the fragments of memories contained in them, from dreams that the two lovers live through on stage. Who recognize the other as themselves, who merge with each other to such an extent that one becomes the other, the question arises whether from the beginning it was even possibly just a single person who projects a hologram, a dream version of himself, into this world lucidly removed from our waking state.

Photos & Video: Tatsuki Takada