Burdens Of Being

Alessio Damiani

Choreography, Stage Design, Costume & Light: Alessio Damiani

Dance: Alessio Damiani, Matthias Vaucher

Music: Jóhann Jóhannsson

Dramaturgy: Johannes Schropp

Let me be your weight, you my shoulder. A choreographic analysis of the crushing feeling a heavy burden puts on the shoulders, which in Burdens of Being unfolds as a corporeality. This widely known metaphor, here also with the subversive reference to the burden we impose on our fellow human beings, our fears, our worries that arise in co-existing with others. When does the point come where being together becomes a burden for one person, when is the point where we temporarily hand ourselves over in order to be fully there for the other, to temporarily fully carry the other in case of need? A constant swinging back and forth of two bodies, which orbit around each other like two planets, exchanging gravitation, being attracted to each other, their individual orbits inseparably intertwining. The burden becomes a togetherness, a constant being-there for the other and at the same time a trust in the other’s being-there for oneself.

Photos: Tatsuki Takada