All Purpose Flour

Kiran Bonnema

Choreography, Stage, Costume & Light: Kiran Bonnema

Dance: Manon Andral, (Greta Dato), Francesc Nello Deakin, Sayaka Kado, Kenedy Kallas, Kristín Marja Ómarsdóttir, Marie Ramet

Music & Dramaturgy: Johannes Schropp

Whether pasta, bread, cakes, or cookies; whether derived from cereals, rice, or potatoes, flour is definitely not considered the icing on the cake. And anyway, in general, not too many carbohydrates should be eaten to live an athletically adequate life. Flour is definitely among the least valued foods. At the same time, without flour, many meals cannot even be created. All Purpose Flour sees an analogy to flour in the role of dancers in a company. As the foundation of the company’s artistic ability to act at all, dancers are sprinkled, glued, and baked into all kinds of states, shapes, and dishes. In this process, allegedly the same package of flour can be torn into all conceivable shapes, for the flour is universally usable. The all-purpose body handed from piece to piece, expected to be adaptable, to work well everywhere. How all this affects the flour (dancers) itself is up for debate in All Purpose Flourwithin a staged status quo of contemporary dance.

Fotos: Tatsuki Takada